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The outer part of Palairos is considered a paradise for hiking lovers. Countless paths that pass hills, mountains, churches, monuments will make your vacation special. Organized walking tours are available.

In places where walking is shocking and technology is an insult to the memory of the Centaurs of our mythology, we suggest some routes through rough paths, but not lacking in natural beauty, kilometers away from the tourist storm and with the necessary equipment.


Ag. Dimitrios – Agios Nikolaos – Katasantoni Caves – Ancient Paleros.

Port of Paleros – Ancient Kekropoula

Port of Paleros – Agios Dimitrios

The best time of day for hiking is early in the morning.

Equipment required: Sports shoes, sunglasses, hat, water, camera.


Cycling can be an effective alternative to being able to discover paths, routes and roads that you might not otherwise be able to go to.

Besides, there are not a few who decide to take a cycling holiday to visit less developed touristic locations and get to know deserted beaches.

By cycling you can go to places that you would only discover by walking, you can feel the place and its people, you can feel the peace and quiet, and discover deserted beaches. In Palairo you can find bicycles for rent for your whole family.


Paleros Port to Pogonia

Paleros to Mytika

Paleros to Vonitsa

Visit to the “Gerokostopoulos” estate


Fans of underwater diving can go to the diving center to admire the bottom of the Ionian Sea. For all those who wish to take lessons at the diving center, they will have all the appropriate equipment and specialized instructors at their disposal.

Diving Spots:

Gulf of Agia Paraskevi

This sheltered, enclosed bay is an ideal location for beginners. The dive starts in the shallows and then, after a short swim, you’re in a sponge garden teeming with fish, invertebrates and algae.

Adelfonisia  (Sister Islands)

It is an area where fishing is prohibited, so the diver will enjoy an impressive fish population.

Agios Ioannis Pogonias

With a name due to the old Greek church that located in the bay, this location is ideal for beginners who need sheltered conditions and shallow waters for their practice.

Agios Nikolaos

For the diver who has some experience and wants to go a little deeper, the island of Agios Nikolaos offers the best wall-diving in the bay. The vertical surface of the rock starts at about 5 meters and sinks to 20 meters, with countless nooks and crannies all over the surface that are ideal nests for all kinds of marine life.

Pirgiskos (Turret)

Invisible from the surface, a peak rises from the depths of the Ionian Sea and reaches up to 10 meters below the surface. The underwater high is teeming with aquatic life including large schools of fish of various species, mullets and groupers.

Lefkada Cave

This exciting dive site begins with a wall-dive about 30 meters deep, where you will see a cave before starting an upward course on a long corridor.



Paleros is considered an ideal place for surfers who want to “tame” the Ionian sea,  from beginners to experienced. A unique combination of strong wind with low waves will allow you to develop your techniques.

Due to the climate, the beauty of the landscape, the crystal clear and calm waters the wind is definitely the ideal place for the less experienced who want to dedicate themselves to this activity.

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