Sites of History & Culture

Castle of Griva
Holy Monastery of Agios Dimitrios

The main monuments that are preserved today in the area are:

  • The Castle of Kechropoula. A pillar is preserved in the double enclosure of the Ancient Akarnanian City and also remains of ancient buildings have been saved.
  • The Archaeological site of Sterna, located near the Old Beach.
  • The Kastelia of Plagia, which probably formed part of the fortified complex of Sterna.
  • The Castle of Griva in Peratia.
  • The Venetian Castle of Plagia with the name Agios Georgios which was built at the end of the 17th century and has been declared preserved since 1998. On the hill where the Castle is built, Dorpfeld places the classic Niriko.
  • The Mansion of Griva in Peratia.
  • The Mansion of Ragos in Palairo.
  • Paliochori of Pogonia and the old village of Plagia, where buildings of these old settlements are preserved. In the area there are some caves which are unexplored.
  • The area has many churches and chapels to show for it. 
  • The Holy Monastery of Agios Dimitrios stands out, located in Palairos and built around the 16th century. The catholicon of the church is single-room stone-built with a semi-circular arch and a two-tiered tiled roof. Also, the Monastery of Panagia Romvi is located in Vato, it is in the style of a basilica with a single aisle and a tiled roof. It is considered to have been built 100 years after the Fall of the City.
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